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Studio Profile. The profile of the Studio and its 22-year history.
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Shows. It was a big adventure and an opportunity for inspiring team work.
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Ostříháno. I took part in TV Barrandov's show "Ostříháno".
Photo Gallery Brides. In this day your hair is very very important.
Photo Gallery Hair Makeovers. Before and after.
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This picture was not taken yesterday...
na vodě v lodi

... but it's still me.


I am listed in various catalogues on the internet, listed below, providing only my contact info. The only site that I update regularly is this one –

metro, zlatestranky, sluzby, firmy, zivefirmy, tiscali, topkontakt.idnes, firmio, my old www on the server centrum.

The date of last update was on 21st May 2014.