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An Ode to Feminine Beauty

This was the title of Veronika Poláková's show for WELLA at the 8th Picasso Hair Show.

Catwalk hair styles are a unique opportunity for hair stylists to show their creativity and skills. You can create the most diverse styles using hairpieces, pads and other hair decorations. The only limit is your imagination. However, to turn your idea into reality, you must have the relevant technical skills. At this year’s Picasso, Veronika Poláková presented a whole collection of ten evening hairstyles. They are inspired by the 1930s, and Oriental and Baroque styles. Also, the models were selected to reflect this inspiration.

The Picasso artistic show is above all a hairdressing show, which brings about certain specifics. It is a combination of hair styles, dresses, choreography, light effects and music. It is therefore very different from a hair stylist’s regular work in a salon. Instead of salon precision, the show must be spectacular, it requires novel ideas, and the hair stylist only has a few minutes to put them into effect.

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XXXI. International Festival of Hairstyles and Colour Cosmetics Prague 1998

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XXX. Jubileum International Festival of Hairstyles and Colour Cosmetics Prague 1997

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Módní přehlídka Liska, 2002

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ELLE Přehlídka pret-a-porter

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Miss ČR

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